Friday, November 6, 2009


sooo... as promised this is one of the entries from my journal from my only trip outside of the country... its my 5th or so entry from the trip and was written the morning after my first night sleeping in the bush.... if u dont know... bush=JUNGLE lol anywhoo enjoy


Damn, why are there so many bugs in Africa? I never would have thought that waking up after my first night of sleep in a cabin in the midst of the bush would feel so good. After you get over the initial shock of where you are and if you are in good company, you come to realize that all you really need at night is a place to lay down and rest. In America we have the luxury of actually being able to take luxuries for granted. Well, today we went back on safari. I wasnt really motivated to go because the previous day really drained me but it proved to be fun. I really had an opportunity to see once again animals the way they are meant to be. But now as i sit here and the thoughts of the animals fade away, two things remain, myself and the question; What are we meant to be? I dont even want to begin to try and answer that. After dinner we watched an amazing performance by some dancers. As i watched this i was thinking about a few things. One was what the hell should I write about. But then I thought, even though we come from two incredibly different worlds, we were all connected by dance. An expression of raw emotion at times, a common bond between us and them, Americans and Africans, young and old, black and white. It makes me think that in the world there should never be a them, just us, in the moment, living.

so yeah... those were a few of my thoughts... its hard to believe that was almost three years ago.... i want to go back :( or to go somewhere different... lifes an adventure man... sometimes i have to remind myself.... dont let anything get u down... cuz when youre up... you get to really appreciate your experiences...

so with that being said.. good day, live well, laugh always


so its just after 4 oclock in the morning and im awake...this is a usual thing lately... i cant seem to get to sleep at a decent hour... tonight im watching this episode of "bad boys of comedy" on hbo that i recorded... its really not too funny so far but i cant watch anything else because my cable is cut off lol... (random fact... i really find it annoying when a comedian laughs after every joke)

but im thinking about this blog thing...

i know im really inconsistent with it but i cant seem to just do away with a perfect avenue to express myself lol

however i suffer from writers block whenever i sit down to write.. its crazy... i have all of these thoughts and topics swirling in my head all day but as soon as i get a pen... they disappear and i keep thinking of the same words over and over... i dont get it

BUT what ive decided to do... since i think it would be interesting... tomorrow morning im going to post some journal entries from my journal while i was in south africa... i havent read these entries in a long while so it will be just as interesting for me as it is for u lol... well hopefully.......

so until tomorrow... goodnight... live well... laugh always

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

YET AGAINNN.... im feeling kinda bloggy

So.. Ive neglected my blogging yet again... its not like anyone reads anyway but thats beside the point.... im in a blogging mood... just starting school again.... (im actually going to ATTEND this time hehe) doing things i never thought i would do... my life is getting interesting again so i figure why not write about it? soooo look out for regular posts... at least bi weekly... there will be quotes if nothing else.... until then....

"Let us be of good cheer, remembering that the misfortunes hardest to bear are those that never happen"-James Russel Lowell

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Love is....

Man ive been thinking...

i feel like love is more than that bond we see between a man and a woman
i feel like love is so much more its kinda scary
i feel like love is every thing
i feel like love is all of the things you pay attention to

time is so precious and we have such a limited ammount of it at our disposal
and we have no clue when it will run out
so the things we choose to pay attention to are the things we love
love is everything
love is life