Friday, April 4, 2008

Dr. King's Dream?

On this day, 40 years ago, one of the greatest men who ever lived (in my opinion of course) was assassinated. And with his last breaths went the self control, self worth, pride, hope and leadership of the black community. There have been many days like this one when i sit, and i think.. and i wonder... has Dr. King's dream died? or has it just transformed into this nightmare that we as a generation are dealing with. It seems to me that as a community with no leadership we have fallen prey to many societal ills and reverted into sort of a childishness. We take pride in our worldly riches no matter what the cost of obtaining them was. Whether it be selling drugs, disrespecting and exploiting our women or doing the same to ourselves. Is this Dr. King's dream being realized? I wouldn't think so. I feel that as a community we need to do some self checking and assessing what really needs to change in our world, and it starts with one person looking inside and asking the hard questions.

What am i doing to make myself a better person?

How am i presenting myself to the world?

Am i contributing to the edification of my community or am i indeed a cancerous growth who infects everyone i come in contact with?

In my opinion in relation to how far we need to go (myself included I do take ownership for my shortcomings) we have not accomplished a damn thing since Dr. King gave his life for us and our cause. Sure we can congregate in the same places as everyone and as a whole we dont face the same types of overt racism and discrimination that we have in the past, but at what cost? Black on black crime and drug abuse are still killing us, there are STILL more black men in Jail than college, and i cant turn on a damn tv without seeing some sort of negative picture of my fellow black people. Whether its the sambos and coons shuffling and smiling on BET and other networks, or my beautiful women being exploited and diminished WILLINGLY. I dont know what disturbs me more the fact that we treat our women this way or that they allow it.... the fact that we have been historically oppresed or that now we have taken on the task of oppressing our damn selves!

With that being said, i think that it is time that we as individuals start doing some self evaluations. I dont mean to preach (yes i do) but it is about time that we stop being statistics and stereotypes. We need to start living the dream of a great man. His dream, OUR dreams will be realized. I personally guarentee it.

"When that devil’s bullet lodged itself inside the body of Martin Luther King, he had already begun an astonishing mobilization of poor, Black, white, latino Americans who had nothing to lose. They would challenge our government to eliminate exploitative, merciless, and war-mongering policies, nationwide, or else “tie up the country” through “means of civil disobedience.” Dr. King intended to organize those legions into “coercive direct actions” that would make of Babylon a dysfunctional behemoth begging for relief. Is it any wonder he was killed?" -June Jordan

Quote of the week

"There is a man who exists as one of the most popular objects of leadership, legislation, and quasi-literature in the history of all men. . . . This man, that object of attention, attack, and vast activity, cannot make himself be heard, let alone understood. He has never been listened to. . . . That man is Black and alive in white America where the media of communication do not allow the delivery of his own voice, his own desires, his own rage"- June Jordan


Have you ever had one of those weeks where try as you might you cant find a damn thing interesting about it? Like i mean where u dont know what you did on a specific day because every god damned day was essentially the same. Wake up go to school go to work go to sleep.... grrr i hate the monotony its driving me crazy......