Saturday, March 29, 2008

Red Sox fan at the colleseum lol

Today the dodgers played the Red Sox (my favorite team) at the collesium lol... And im there with Stokes (yankee fan boooooooo) his brother and beau. I have on my red sox hoodie of course and alllll of the drunk mexicans are mad doggin me lol.... i mean there were like 100,000 dodger fans there and lil ol me haha.... so the red sox are whoopin ass and im talkin shit cuz thats what i do lol... and all of the dodger fans are like boooooooooo sit down!!! and im talkin shit right back lol... anyway we r leaving the game and im just walking and this drunk mexican dude with a "redsox suck" shirt cuts me off and puts his arm on me and says "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RED SOX SUCK BOOOOOO" and hes giving me the thumbs down and kasey is over here laughin his butt off lol... then his friend joins in with the booing and im shouting "WORLD SERIES CHAMPS!!" then this dude tries to turn around and rub his but on me lol so i decided okay time to go hahaha.... just another day in the life of a Red Sox fan :)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Does the slipper fit???

Davidson advances to the elite 8 tonight! For those of you who dont follow NCAA basketball, NOONE expected this at the beginning of the tournament. This is what we play for! Davidson, a small private college has been dominating power schools (Gonzaga, Georgetown, and now Wisconson) led by this man to the left. Steven Curry (son of sharpshooter Dell Curry, like you really care lol) who has become the fourth player in NCAA history to score over 30 points in his first 4 tournament games... YIKES...ladies watch out hes going leauge so u might wanna scoop him up haha.... anywhoooo watch out for Cinderella team Davidson... GO WILDCATS!

Quote of the week

"Don't be in a hurry to condemn because he doesn't do what you do or think as you think or as fast. There was a time when you didn't know what you know today." Malcolm X

They all look alike to me

Have you ever noticed that most of what we are exposed to pertaining to black people is stereotypical and detrimental to our community. This shit pisses me off. Its frustrating because here it is 2008 and ignorance and niggardom is still running rampant, not only behind closed doors (no no no that would be to easy) but it is the mainstream! Flavor Flav has 3 count them 3 shows.... Soulja boy is a trailblazer of hip hop and there are still... still more black men in jail than in college yet we still, as a community, float through life just existing... and we aren't even doing THAT well. eh... it just disappoints me that we feel like living in imperial courts and having an escalade on spinning 28s is living... it frustrates me that we continue to support and finance stupid SHIT that misrepresents and harms us as a community.... and it continues to baffle me how we steadily call each other the one thing that we shouldn't..... With that being said... if u see me, don't come up to me asking if i saw flavor of love.... or if i heard the new T-pain song... or if i watched BET last night... cuz as far as I'm concerned..... they all look the fuckin same to me.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


hmmmm so this is blogging eh? i was wondering what all the hooplah was about... seems like everytime i turn around somebodys like "go to my blog!!" "hit up the blogsite".... sheesh!!! well now im one of u guys!! lol (applause, applause). So anywho.... i havent quite decided what im gonna put on here yet.... maybe random thoughts... cant go wrong with random... well stay tuned... I know I will