Friday, March 28, 2008

Does the slipper fit???

Davidson advances to the elite 8 tonight! For those of you who dont follow NCAA basketball, NOONE expected this at the beginning of the tournament. This is what we play for! Davidson, a small private college has been dominating power schools (Gonzaga, Georgetown, and now Wisconson) led by this man to the left. Steven Curry (son of sharpshooter Dell Curry, like you really care lol) who has become the fourth player in NCAA history to score over 30 points in his first 4 tournament games... YIKES...ladies watch out hes going leauge so u might wanna scoop him up haha.... anywhoooo watch out for Cinderella team Davidson... GO WILDCATS!


jadelinaa said...

najee im going to kill you.

NAjeeT said...

whyy would u do something like that lol