Thursday, May 8, 2008


at the end of the entry i said ill "keep you posted" lmfao.. get it? blog... posted... haha... well its funny to me


ehhh so i failed the test... i took it pretty hard i guess but a few people made me feel better :) so what i did was go to the schools i was planning on going to and i talked to admissions.... long beach gave me a flat out no from the other side of a window... bastards.... but dominguez was more personal and sensitive to my case... some lady is reviewing my transcripts and said she will help me sooooo hopefully she delivers some good news for me.... ill keep you posted

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wish me luck!!!

so yesterday i took one of the biggest tests of my college career... for the first fifteen weeks of school ive been failing my stats class pretty badly... i need this class soooo bad because if i fail none of the schools i applied to will accept me unfortunately.... then ima be at punk ass SMC for yet another semester which i dont want... smc is a great institution and what not... but im ready to move on already.... soooo to make a short story long... i need to get at least a 75 on this test to have a chance at passing the class.... wish me luck