Friday, November 6, 2009


sooo... as promised this is one of the entries from my journal from my only trip outside of the country... its my 5th or so entry from the trip and was written the morning after my first night sleeping in the bush.... if u dont know... bush=JUNGLE lol anywhoo enjoy


Damn, why are there so many bugs in Africa? I never would have thought that waking up after my first night of sleep in a cabin in the midst of the bush would feel so good. After you get over the initial shock of where you are and if you are in good company, you come to realize that all you really need at night is a place to lay down and rest. In America we have the luxury of actually being able to take luxuries for granted. Well, today we went back on safari. I wasnt really motivated to go because the previous day really drained me but it proved to be fun. I really had an opportunity to see once again animals the way they are meant to be. But now as i sit here and the thoughts of the animals fade away, two things remain, myself and the question; What are we meant to be? I dont even want to begin to try and answer that. After dinner we watched an amazing performance by some dancers. As i watched this i was thinking about a few things. One was what the hell should I write about. But then I thought, even though we come from two incredibly different worlds, we were all connected by dance. An expression of raw emotion at times, a common bond between us and them, Americans and Africans, young and old, black and white. It makes me think that in the world there should never be a them, just us, in the moment, living.

so yeah... those were a few of my thoughts... its hard to believe that was almost three years ago.... i want to go back :( or to go somewhere different... lifes an adventure man... sometimes i have to remind myself.... dont let anything get u down... cuz when youre up... you get to really appreciate your experiences...

so with that being said.. good day, live well, laugh always


so its just after 4 oclock in the morning and im awake...this is a usual thing lately... i cant seem to get to sleep at a decent hour... tonight im watching this episode of "bad boys of comedy" on hbo that i recorded... its really not too funny so far but i cant watch anything else because my cable is cut off lol... (random fact... i really find it annoying when a comedian laughs after every joke)

but im thinking about this blog thing...

i know im really inconsistent with it but i cant seem to just do away with a perfect avenue to express myself lol

however i suffer from writers block whenever i sit down to write.. its crazy... i have all of these thoughts and topics swirling in my head all day but as soon as i get a pen... they disappear and i keep thinking of the same words over and over... i dont get it

BUT what ive decided to do... since i think it would be interesting... tomorrow morning im going to post some journal entries from my journal while i was in south africa... i havent read these entries in a long while so it will be just as interesting for me as it is for u lol... well hopefully.......

so until tomorrow... goodnight... live well... laugh always

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

YET AGAINNN.... im feeling kinda bloggy

So.. Ive neglected my blogging yet again... its not like anyone reads anyway but thats beside the point.... im in a blogging mood... just starting school again.... (im actually going to ATTEND this time hehe) doing things i never thought i would do... my life is getting interesting again so i figure why not write about it? soooo look out for regular posts... at least bi weekly... there will be quotes if nothing else.... until then....

"Let us be of good cheer, remembering that the misfortunes hardest to bear are those that never happen"-James Russel Lowell

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Love is....

Man ive been thinking...

i feel like love is more than that bond we see between a man and a woman
i feel like love is so much more its kinda scary
i feel like love is every thing
i feel like love is all of the things you pay attention to

time is so precious and we have such a limited ammount of it at our disposal
and we have no clue when it will run out
so the things we choose to pay attention to are the things we love
love is everything
love is life

Sunday, April 12, 2009

MORE fun at work

I know i went crazy with a whole bunch of posts before and havent posted anything as of late... i guess i just havent had the urge to post anything.... maybe theres nothing interesting to share... HOWEVER... i just recorded this video at work... enjoy lol i did

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I guess this is what rich prodogys do when they get bored lol...

so hes in a Mcdonalds in Paris before its even open lol

thinkin at work again....

So yeah... the airport is a crazy place man.... aside from the hectic air with people constantly moving.... the whole concept is wild....

every day i see hundreds and hundreds of people that i will never know.... the only thing i know about them is that theyre either coming to or leaving LA... where r they going? home? some far off land where theyll have the experience of a lifetime? will they ever make it back? sometimes i catch myself guessing where people are going... sometimes i wanna go with em

i like traveling... seeing new places... i love home... home is always home but the allure of other places... starting over and meeting new people with completely different life experiences... that can only lead to my growth... i want to see other parts of the country... other countries... see how people do things... i dont want american culture to completely consume my life... i want some sort of world culture to emerge i think... im not really too sure about what i want lately

sometimes i feel like i dont belong... sometimes i feel like i belong too much... the only thing that gives me solace is that i know where home is.... if i ever started to question that id be completely lost

sometimes i equate the airport to life.... you arrive with nothing but your own baggage and an idea of where you want to go... you see a lot of people you will never know... maybe even see a few that you do... some that will make a lasting impression of you... every once in a while you get harassed by the authorities... but after a while... you get to drop your baggage and just fly man... think about it... you FLY.... its really crazy once you think about it... you and all of those people... flying in the same direction for that moment in time.... all of your baggage mingled together and is a burden to no one.... and once you land... you pick up your share of the baggage... and head off on your own path..... thats life

Sunday, March 15, 2009


That cop thing had me thinking... stereotypes and pre judging people really really affects our lives even if we dont notice it... i mean... whenever i hear stuff like "that makes black people look bad" or "thats how mexicans are" if i really think about it im like.. "noo that makes that fuckin idot look bad"

i mean... how can you just lump people into groups because of stuff they cant even control and expect all of these INDIVIDUALS to fit the group? 

the way i see it... nobody elses actions can define me and if you think some stuff that someone else did is a reflection of me because of my race... i just have a few words for u


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Terrible twos ha

lol.. never a dull moment when little kids are around i tell u.... im sitting down on the carousel trying to ichat with eevey but my stupid internet wont allow it... so then this little girl just comes up to me and starts playing with me... we were playing peek a boo and she would run every time i looked at her haha... maybe im just that scary... :-/ lol... but good times man... never a dull moment when kids are around... im just glad i dont have to take any home with me lol (whew)

its crazy to think i was once small like that... life is amazing... im gonna have fun watching my little brother grow up... hes two as well... this dude sits on the floor and plays with trucks for hours... who needs technology!!! lol

it was good to meet you alexia! 

Per request

This is for you gabs... i couldn't figure out for the life of me how to put the damn video up on facebook lol... soooooo heres your return video per your special request.. hope you enjoy lol

sorry i look so lazy... haha

Mucho Love 4 ya

Friday the 13th... oh yes it was

Now... its not like i dont like the police... its not that i hate all cops... thats ridiculous... police officer is an occupation... and with any occupation, the people we encounter in the field vary... but I dunno... is it the badge that changes people into disrespectful assholes or does the badge just attract every asshole that seeks a little bit of power? im not saying every cop is an ass... most i encounter actually address me with respect and they receive it from me... (also there's really no point in getting all belligerent with someone who has a gun and would get absolutely no jail time for shooting me lol) but these characters we encountered last night were a very special breed of ass.... (sorry i just feel like saying ass a lot)...

 sure i understand we were in the park after hours... we understood the risk and we probably should have never gone but we were having fun.... but man... even if you have a badge im not gonna stand by while you disrespect me and the people i love... i guess they thought we were just gonna be all subservient and take all the crap that they dished just because... 

SIKE!!!! Respect doesn't come automatically with that pressed green uniform, shiny badge and combat boots sir.... like every other stranger on the street you have to give respect to get it... and we can be just as rude as you... dont forget we are young and have attitudes anyway lol

 okay maybe i shouldnt have spit on the car (lmao that shit was funny and im a couple of peoples hero for that) but i mean theres no reason to have us with our hands on the burning hot hood for 2 hours after we have been searched and the cars searched... thats a little too far for me so of course we r gonna talk shit lol... and dance (just dance youll be okay badadudu [random]) 

oh yeah... but i dont like how much power police actually have over us in certain situations... in the wrong hands, abused, no wonder things happen the way they do... i mean theres a certain attitude you have to have being a cop and constantly in dangerous situations, that i understand... but where should we as citizens draw the line when we are being borderline harassed by the very people who are supposed to protect and serve?


Thursday, March 12, 2009

"workin" continued

so here are those videos i was trying to upload yesterday... just actin a fool... shit gets boring gotta spice it up lol

... as you can see.... I NEED VISITORS!!!! lol

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Even if you dont love what you do


So cam'ron really has me thinkin... how many people out there hate their jobs? i mean... if money wasn't such a big force in our lives how many of us would be doing what we are doing? Spending a day at a job you have no interest in can be your own living hell.. trust me... i know... but lately ive been trying (but a lot of times failing eh... part of life) to look at life a different way.... when i bring myself to work... im gonna really bring MYSELF to work... cuz when you think about it... life is much too short to waste moments... or to think you have.... i may not love money as much as the next man.. but i am really starting to value my TIME... its the most precious thing we have... So if i see yall at LAX.....

I have some damn videos but theyre taking forever to upload so eh... maybe ill put em up later tonight

ima do it

so its been about 4 months since ive posted something on here.... but i think im gonna start posting more regularly... no promises but i think i need an out let and a sort of litmus test to see if im as crazy as i think i am cuz ive been flirting with that line for a while haha... so stay tuned and subscribe because i think i have something in me the world needs.... Its all love