Saturday, June 28, 2008

oh yeah...

ohh i almost forgot... tonight kat williams at the gibson and i have 2 tickets!!! yeaaaaaahhhh boy! lol

last night

oh man... last night was the first time i partied in a longgggg time... the party was whack but me and my friends were tipsy and feelin ourselves... i mean we were like the onnnly people in the whole party dancing haha... fun times... it was sooo bad that at one point this old dude got on the mic and was trying to convince the dudes to go and talk to the girls and dance with em... he was like "dont be afraid cuz theyre beautiful... god made em beautiful for a reason... so just take one by the hand and show her..." and when he was finishing his speech love and happiness by al green started playing lmfao!!!

so shoutouts to those who made that party fun for me haha
kasey, holly, heather, brittany, jordan, jonathan, noah, epatty... and those 2 random hispanic girls who danced hard and thought they worked me haha

and somebody owes me a piggy back ride!!!!!!!!

the valley boys party in a nutshell... tight ass mansion.. a hummer that said hot latinas... drinks flowing... but only 10 ppl dancing...

Raw Ham doin big things

So my friend raheem is a freelance producer and he just did this short thing about flo ridas first BET awards... i dont give a shit about flo rida but raw ham is doin his thing.... check out his work.. maybe you can learn a thing or 2 (taylor hahaha)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

just my thoughts

hmmm... so ive been thinking about what my first post back should be... i wanted it to be something interesting and what not but i just figured hey... its my shit i can write about whatever i want lol... so im gonna ummm vent my thoughts and feelings about a current event thats been all over the news for some reason or another for the past umm week and a half or so.... california will now legallly recognize gay marraiges...

man i feel like its about damn time.... i think that the government should do a lot of things but prohibiting the union of two people before the law is not one of them..... it really pisses me off because you have these hypocritical religious nuts (who only seem to get religious when theres either gay people or abortions are brought up for some reason hmmmm) who are all up in arms because now gay people can be married in california...

woooo big whoop...

i want to ask u a question mr and mrs devout christian... how are two gay people getting married going to affect you or society negatively? i mean.. what harm can come from there being more stable families in america that can help our declining economy or maybe just maybe be able to adopt the many orphans in the country... i mean... how can the benifits a spouse will recieve when their significan other dies.. or less orphans on the streets... or people actually reconizing the love that two PEOPLE share possibly evoke a negative response from you? what if someone told you you couldnt marry who you want because its not right in the eyes of god? wtf

oh and about this "preserving the sanctity of marraige" crap..... for 1 marraige is a legal contract confirming the union of two people before the law and government... people chooooose to make it religious... and if you really want to preserve its sanctity... please please please try something practical like ummm i dunno sayyy NOT CHEATING ON YOUR SPOUSE.... hmm or possibly NOT GETTING never know.. these things may help....

but as far as this being a sin and an abomination before god... dont even come at me with that crap... whatever happened to seperation between church and state? oh and if you read the bible you would know that each sin is weighted equally before the eyes of god.... so all of you lying, fornicating, coveting, disrespectful americans are going to be in hell right next to your gay married couple neighbors if you believe in that sort of thing

let he who is without sin cast the first stone..... but if you live in a glass house u probably shouldnt cast it ;)