Saturday, June 28, 2008

last night

oh man... last night was the first time i partied in a longgggg time... the party was whack but me and my friends were tipsy and feelin ourselves... i mean we were like the onnnly people in the whole party dancing haha... fun times... it was sooo bad that at one point this old dude got on the mic and was trying to convince the dudes to go and talk to the girls and dance with em... he was like "dont be afraid cuz theyre beautiful... god made em beautiful for a reason... so just take one by the hand and show her..." and when he was finishing his speech love and happiness by al green started playing lmfao!!!

so shoutouts to those who made that party fun for me haha
kasey, holly, heather, brittany, jordan, jonathan, noah, epatty... and those 2 random hispanic girls who danced hard and thought they worked me haha

and somebody owes me a piggy back ride!!!!!!!!

the valley boys party in a nutshell... tight ass mansion.. a hummer that said hot latinas... drinks flowing... but only 10 ppl dancing...


uhreecuh said...


ohhh what a difference drinking makes in ppl's lives!

STOKED! said...


them two girls had moves tho dog!

erinP said...

epatty lmao i loveu noGEE! i screamed with joy when i saw u 2 fools lmao