Saturday, October 4, 2008

my mind be goin... comment please

I would really like to know what ppl think about these 2 random things I jotted on my blackberry... I just wrote where my mind took me but fuckit

The first...

Think about how many moments have slipped through the cracks of history because they weren't "noteworthy" what does it take to alter the course or even to be noted by history... My story is just as important as george washingtons or voltaires... Not to say that my impact on the larger scheme of things are anywhere near their achievements but every single moment that I or you even exist is important.. Ha... Think about how many regular people history has forgotten... Its enough to make u want to question your existance isn't it? Lol... Sorry I'm in a weird place right now but enjoy

And the second....
Maybe I can understand how white people can not see how something they are doing or saying can have racial undertones or be percieved by individuals or a community as racist... But what truly upsets me is how some people refuse to see the "minorities" point of view... Not to say that everyone should closely monitor their actions and words I just get mad when it is brought to the attention of someone and they flat out deny that our reasoning is valid... The history of the black man in america is a unique one... And maybe a lot of our insecurities stem from the fact that people just don't get us... Maybe I'm dead wrong and only speaking for myself but if you ever think about collective conciousness it is a hell of a thing... We black men have been castrated and made to feel inferior even when we do succeed... And sometimes its frustrating to me how even when people don't empathize with us we don't have the collective fortitude to empatize with them... Humans are so complex... And hilarious in their complexities lol

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Okay so terri sent me a link to a blog that i might be interested in and here is the quote she loved


"Revolution, is in my opinion about evoluition, to re-evolve. It is the internal thought of a person that expresses itself externally. What you think you are, you will be. If you think you are ghetto, you will express this in an external fashion, whether it be a clothing style, tatoos, the way you speak, the way you act. This is the external expression of an internal thought process, on a micro-cosmic level. This same internal thought process expressed by the many becomes a culture, when many dress a certain way, speak a certain way and act a certain way, all based on an internal thought process. So, what outside entity came to a certain group of Black people and produced the thought in them that they are ghetto and this is how ghetto acts? How can one or a group overcome an ailment by pointing at the external factor? Does this exclude the fact that external factors influence the thought process? No. Yet, we are responsible for how we internalize an outside influence. One factor in the external influence on the Black Collective are our own so called “leaders” and “professors” that influence a certain percentage of Black people’s internal thought processes. When a “leader” or “professor” continues to express a slave mentality (I will elaborate in a post what a slave mentality is), then those that believe the “leaders” and “professors” are greater than themselves fall prey to an external influence that deters positive uplifing internal thoughts in the “weaker” collective. Example, on a different level. In order to avoid the flu or a cold one MUST strengthen their OWN immune system, an internal function. When a cold or flu virus attacks a person and overcomes them, then it is the failure of the person to strengthen the INTERNAL IMMUNE SYSTEM. When the immune system is strong an outside influence is of little to no effect. The same is true with the Black collective. The Black Collective must CLEAN OUT and strengthen INTERNALLY to repel negative outside attacks. The more we focus on the outside factor, the white man, the European cultural influence on the Black collective, and racism the “weaker” the collective becomes. And, the Black collective will be defeated by those very same external forces. Therefore, the focus MUST be on cleaning OUR internal thought process, cleaning out the down pressing “leaders” and “professors”, cleaning out our vocabulary, cleaing up the way we dress, act, and feed ourselves, and clean up our dirty ways to eachother. Then and only then can we defeat racism, European cultural influence, the white man and bad Black “leaders” “and Professors”."

to reiterate this is a QUOTE not my words however it does accurately verbalize what has been floating around in my head... i think it is amazing how some people can just seem to reach into your head, grab all of your crazy chaotic thoughts, and be able to word them so elloquently so effortlessly...

this is one of the reasons i love talking to people about real subjects not just music and fashion... i mean there is a time and place for those convos dont get me wrong i love talking music as much as the next man but i think in our generation there is a lack of discussion about real social issues....

take this for instance, i agree with this comment above... it is time for black people to start cleaning up "our own backyard" so to speak... in order for us to be respected as a community we have to get our shit together first....

now i dont know how to do this at all lol these are just some of the things i think about from time to time but i would appreciate feedback in the form of comments in order to assist me and you lol

what i do know is though is that change starts within we cannot let external forces dictate our course any longer...

this one quote from ghandi comes to mind... it may be a missquote so excuse me in advance, but it goes something like "Be the change you want to see"

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

just a thought

Lately I've been thinking about why I am so interested in history.... Like how is history relevent and why does it seem so boring when someone is trying to teach it to me? Well I've come to the conclusion that school can make even the most interesting subject boring as hell.... However I think history is so interesting to me because I look at it in a different way... History is now... We are living history... The point of history is to learn from in and to improve yourself or be forced to repeat it which is... Sadly... What we are doing... Repeating the same damn shit.... But think about it this way.... I think that it is amazing that even though we are learning about something like say the 60s in a history book while there are people who are alive and well who actually REMEMBER it... Who have EXPERIENCED it... People are living history... So to know yourself you have to know your history... Period... Take now for instance... We are headed for an extremely bad depression\recession... We are on the verge of electing the first black president, we are on the eve of a nuclear holocaust and there are genocides in progress that people seem to be ignoring.... WAKE UP PEOPLE! WE are LIVING history... How will our legacy be recorded in the history books? How will we be remembered? As a people who improved and progressed? As a people who did nothing? As a people who failed to pay attention and are doomed to repeat history? Hmmmm... You have to know where you came from to know where you are headed

Monday, September 29, 2008

whats in a name?

Man... Names are one hell of a thing to live up to... Whether it be the name given to u at birth or the things other people know you as... I mean even though people wouldn't admit it... Many of us live up to the names that others give us.... Its kind of like a self-fulfilling prophecy... We need to be more careful what we call and expect of people because from my experience the line gets pretty blurry between us calling something how it is and the person acting out to live up to expectations... Does a person act like a nigga because he is one or because we call him one? Is that girl a bitch to you because that's how she is or is it because even if u don't say it to her face you're proclaiming her to be a bitch.... Is that girl really a slut or hoe? And who r u to make that call? I am a firm believer that language and words shape our perceptions no matter how u mean the word... That is why I personally chose not to use the word nigga to refer to one of my fellow brothers or sisters of any race... I absolutely refuse to put that burden on someone else and I ask respectfully that u don't place that on my shoulders... With a name like Najee which translates to savior from Arabic, I already have too much to live up to....