Wednesday, October 1, 2008

just a thought

Lately I've been thinking about why I am so interested in history.... Like how is history relevent and why does it seem so boring when someone is trying to teach it to me? Well I've come to the conclusion that school can make even the most interesting subject boring as hell.... However I think history is so interesting to me because I look at it in a different way... History is now... We are living history... The point of history is to learn from in and to improve yourself or be forced to repeat it which is... Sadly... What we are doing... Repeating the same damn shit.... But think about it this way.... I think that it is amazing that even though we are learning about something like say the 60s in a history book while there are people who are alive and well who actually REMEMBER it... Who have EXPERIENCED it... People are living history... So to know yourself you have to know your history... Period... Take now for instance... We are headed for an extremely bad depression\recession... We are on the verge of electing the first black president, we are on the eve of a nuclear holocaust and there are genocides in progress that people seem to be ignoring.... WAKE UP PEOPLE! WE are LIVING history... How will our legacy be recorded in the history books? How will we be remembered? As a people who improved and progressed? As a people who did nothing? As a people who failed to pay attention and are doomed to repeat history? Hmmmm... You have to know where you came from to know where you are headed


Channybaby said...

you are my hero for this blog entry

cecily said...

i think you put our coversation into words very nicely =)