Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday the 13th... oh yes it was

Now... its not like i dont like the police... its not that i hate all cops... thats ridiculous... police officer is an occupation... and with any occupation, the people we encounter in the field vary... but I dunno... is it the badge that changes people into disrespectful assholes or does the badge just attract every asshole that seeks a little bit of power? im not saying every cop is an ass... most i encounter actually address me with respect and they receive it from me... (also there's really no point in getting all belligerent with someone who has a gun and would get absolutely no jail time for shooting me lol) but these characters we encountered last night were a very special breed of ass.... (sorry i just feel like saying ass a lot)...

 sure i understand we were in the park after hours... we understood the risk and we probably should have never gone but we were having fun.... but man... even if you have a badge im not gonna stand by while you disrespect me and the people i love... i guess they thought we were just gonna be all subservient and take all the crap that they dished just because... 

SIKE!!!! Respect doesn't come automatically with that pressed green uniform, shiny badge and combat boots sir.... like every other stranger on the street you have to give respect to get it... and we can be just as rude as you... dont forget we are young and have attitudes anyway lol

 okay maybe i shouldnt have spit on the car (lmao that shit was funny and im a couple of peoples hero for that) but i mean theres no reason to have us with our hands on the burning hot hood for 2 hours after we have been searched and the cars searched... thats a little too far for me so of course we r gonna talk shit lol... and dance (just dance youll be okay badadudu [random]) 

oh yeah... but i dont like how much power police actually have over us in certain situations... in the wrong hands, abused, no wonder things happen the way they do... i mean theres a certain attitude you have to have being a cop and constantly in dangerous situations, that i understand... but where should we as citizens draw the line when we are being borderline harassed by the very people who are supposed to protect and serve?


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