Thursday, March 12, 2009

"workin" continued

so here are those videos i was trying to upload yesterday... just actin a fool... shit gets boring gotta spice it up lol

... as you can see.... I NEED VISITORS!!!! lol


O.G.ABS said...

oh shit, Najee
you gotta get the reject going on the luggage joint while it`s movingggg, ahhhhh hahahahahaha

I LOVE THE REJECT, it`s my favorite dance right now hahhahah

STOKED! said...

REJECT! on the bag thing!!! ahaha

NAjeeT said...

ohhh shit... good idea gabzzz.... stay tuned.. that will be coming next week.. i think ima hit up different airlines every week lol

p[L]e[0]a[V]c[E] . said...

omgosh najeee! you really do need visitors .