Wednesday, March 25, 2009

thinkin at work again....

So yeah... the airport is a crazy place man.... aside from the hectic air with people constantly moving.... the whole concept is wild....

every day i see hundreds and hundreds of people that i will never know.... the only thing i know about them is that theyre either coming to or leaving LA... where r they going? home? some far off land where theyll have the experience of a lifetime? will they ever make it back? sometimes i catch myself guessing where people are going... sometimes i wanna go with em

i like traveling... seeing new places... i love home... home is always home but the allure of other places... starting over and meeting new people with completely different life experiences... that can only lead to my growth... i want to see other parts of the country... other countries... see how people do things... i dont want american culture to completely consume my life... i want some sort of world culture to emerge i think... im not really too sure about what i want lately

sometimes i feel like i dont belong... sometimes i feel like i belong too much... the only thing that gives me solace is that i know where home is.... if i ever started to question that id be completely lost

sometimes i equate the airport to life.... you arrive with nothing but your own baggage and an idea of where you want to go... you see a lot of people you will never know... maybe even see a few that you do... some that will make a lasting impression of you... every once in a while you get harassed by the authorities... but after a while... you get to drop your baggage and just fly man... think about it... you FLY.... its really crazy once you think about it... you and all of those people... flying in the same direction for that moment in time.... all of your baggage mingled together and is a burden to no one.... and once you land... you pick up your share of the baggage... and head off on your own path..... thats life

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ash. said...

hmm i absolutely love to fly
i think at least a quarter of my life has been spent in the airport, so i can completely relate to you when you say you watch people and wonder about where they are going and why..

good job najee