Friday, November 6, 2009


so its just after 4 oclock in the morning and im awake...this is a usual thing lately... i cant seem to get to sleep at a decent hour... tonight im watching this episode of "bad boys of comedy" on hbo that i recorded... its really not too funny so far but i cant watch anything else because my cable is cut off lol... (random fact... i really find it annoying when a comedian laughs after every joke)

but im thinking about this blog thing...

i know im really inconsistent with it but i cant seem to just do away with a perfect avenue to express myself lol

however i suffer from writers block whenever i sit down to write.. its crazy... i have all of these thoughts and topics swirling in my head all day but as soon as i get a pen... they disappear and i keep thinking of the same words over and over... i dont get it

BUT what ive decided to do... since i think it would be interesting... tomorrow morning im going to post some journal entries from my journal while i was in south africa... i havent read these entries in a long while so it will be just as interesting for me as it is for u lol... well hopefully.......

so until tomorrow... goodnight... live well... laugh always

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A party of One said...

heh it seems that during my insomniatic bouts is when my writers block leaves me. & i completely agree with you about comedians. Although a few get away with it, just from being stoned enough to amuse themselves