Saturday, March 29, 2008

Red Sox fan at the colleseum lol

Today the dodgers played the Red Sox (my favorite team) at the collesium lol... And im there with Stokes (yankee fan boooooooo) his brother and beau. I have on my red sox hoodie of course and alllll of the drunk mexicans are mad doggin me lol.... i mean there were like 100,000 dodger fans there and lil ol me haha.... so the red sox are whoopin ass and im talkin shit cuz thats what i do lol... and all of the dodger fans are like boooooooooo sit down!!! and im talkin shit right back lol... anyway we r leaving the game and im just walking and this drunk mexican dude with a "redsox suck" shirt cuts me off and puts his arm on me and says "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RED SOX SUCK BOOOOOO" and hes giving me the thumbs down and kasey is over here laughin his butt off lol... then his friend joins in with the booing and im shouting "WORLD SERIES CHAMPS!!" then this dude tries to turn around and rub his but on me lol so i decided okay time to go hahaha.... just another day in the life of a Red Sox fan :)

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