Saturday, September 20, 2008

Open up

Sooo... lately... due to the intervention of a certain person lol.. ive really realized how closed minded people are... myself included... like.. have you ever thought why society has labled certain things bad and force fed people this over many many many years? what really makes these things "bad"?

like take drugs for instance.... why is it that the drugs that actually provide you with a frame of mind that actually allows you to think critically about things and enhance your discovery of your true self outlawed while alcohol (yes it is a drug) is legal when all it does is impair your judgement and kill your body?

Lately ive really been questioning myself... how can we as people determine if something is bad or if what someone is doing is bad without fully empathizing? you dont know the persons situation... I think we have all had situations when we feel like people are judging us unfairly because they dont understand... why cant we admit that we dont understand other peoples plights and thereby cannot judge them?


EricaLindsay said...

i question the logic of those legal and illegal drugs too! something seems a little backwards.

Channybaby said...

I def agree with the empathy thing people judge way too fast b4 they know the whole story and I mean its kinda fucked up when say you call someone a hoe for sleeping with someone and that person had been raped as a kid...and they feel like their whole life they are a hoe it just fuels the fire or the disease that person has...but people are selfish they rather hurt someone else by deflecting the attention to someone elses short comings rather then to deal with their own inner turmoils.....okay I was venting
I'm done lol

NAjeeT said...

BMan channan I can understand where you are coming from... I mean it wouldn't be fair to say that I fully understand or empathize with the exact situation u just laid out however I can understand about being unfairly judged... I think that people just don't understand how very hypocritical and narrow minded they can be... I do however believe that if you are confident and content with yourself u can cut back on some of the pain it can cause.... I mean... In all reality there is only one person on this earth that can assess your or anyones situation fairly... That is yourself... And if ppl can ever do away with their self serving biases for even 15 minutes I don't think they would be able to live with themselves.... Oh and u can vent on my blog at anytime... If u have something on ur mind u can email it to me and ill post it on my blog in quotes... I don't think too many ppl read mine but you can get at least some feedback lol