Monday, April 14, 2008

no ideas original

man have u ever noticed that sooo many ppl have become so obsessed with "swagger jacking" and dont want their swagger jacked... its funny to me because

1. Im sure NOTHING (with few exceptions of course) that you have done or thought or wore (or worn, i dont know which one really fits here but im not an english major so eh lol) is TRULY original... i mean when u think about it... no matter what u do.... someone has already done it, gotten tired of it and jacked someone new so stop bitchin.

2. the sincerest form of flattery is immitation... stop bitchin cuz ppl wanna be like you that just means youre doing something right.. your personality is appealing your style is cool or something to that effect so shuttup!!! complain when no one wants to be like your dumb ass lol\

JUST A THOUGHT if i offend u... oh well lol

oh and ill be back in la tonight :)) so that means ill put up some pics from my trip... i took very few though so dont get ur hopes up lol

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meLlow/raNdomKiY! said...

man I wish, no1 wants my swag, I guess im too extreme for some..

i mean i`m @ skool in the library and told bethany i had to "poop"

not shit, take a dump, or ne thing, lol POOP!

and this asian guy goes,

"man thats gross"

and i said "look its natural if u dnt like my mouth dnt listen"

so point of this story is ummm...

some guys need to realize that some girls r not ur typical, omg I will never say i gotta poop in public, or simply the term, I have to pee turns some guys' noses up...

im like wtf, calm dwn, everyone has different swag, and different ways of expressing themselves, im a realass person so if i wana share with my friend that i gotta poop so BE IT!!!! lol

but yaaah ne way sorry about the long ass story,i feel your post, ppl r tryna reinvent themselves into individuals who are famous, "cool", innovative, rich or watever else, i mean it has alot to do with POP culture, so umm i dnt swagger jacking will ever stop...which sucks but it is wat it is....right??