Monday, April 14, 2008

Seattle pics

okay so as you all know i spent this last week in seattle... it was cool... good experience i think... glad to get away from home and LA for a little bit but im back home and theres no place like it... so anywho... here are a few of the very few pics i snapped en route.

yeahh... i dunno i pretty much look like an idiot lol
as u can see terri really....

REALLY didnt want to be photographed

man i never knew the airport could be so boring... im taking stupid pose pics

ummmm this picture sucks

this is my wonderful cousin robbin who put up with my shit while i was out there hahaha

10 minutes going in.... 40 coming out lol

this is the first goose ive ever seen in real life... it suprised the hell out of me
space needle

some weird fountain
KEY arena!!! i got to go to the last seattle supersonics game possibly in history... hello Oklahoma City

the ppl of seattle arent very happy with clay bennet lol

these were just a few random pics that i took during the course of my trip.... it doesnt really summarize it or anything so i really dont even know why i took em lol.... but hope u enjoyed... if not... eh lol


EricaLindsay said...

Oooo Seattle! i've always wanted to visit...looks interesting!

js0n said...

"10 minutes going in, 40 minutes going out."

erin rae :-* said...

looks like uuuu had fun najee!

Bethany said...

I like that fountain and the lake...seattle seems peaceful. Awww...I wanna go!

STOKED! said...

wanna see how najee was livin?check
for exclusive tour lol

erinP said...

yeah u shoulda put the how im livin video lol

NAjeeT said...

LOL I was gonna but kasey wanted to put it on his hahahah

Ashlie* said...

10 minutes going in, 40 going out.

i really had to think about what that meant.

im still laughing at "oo da weed!"

Aricka said...

wooo-hoooo!! vacation AWAY from LA! LoL i know you had funnnnn

Ashlie* said...

haha @ aricka, obviously if he went on vacation it would be out of the city he lives in (LA)..duh hoe.

i'm gunna keep commenting until i stop laughing @ OO DA WEED! lmao. as u can see i haven't stopped

meLlow/raNdomKiY! said...

hahha buuuuurp!

looks amazing !


Aricka said...

ashlie shut upppp! lol i KNOW he's away from LA but i was saying in in a happy exciting way like "WHEWWWW-HOOOOOOOOO A VACATION FROM LA!!!" i wasnt asking!