Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Its time for me

Have you ever just been so completely exasperated that you dont know what to do with your life? well today was one of those days for me :\... i dont know sometimes i feel like nothing i do is enough... not by my standards and not by everyone elses standards.... i think thats why i chose the quote i did this week... that quote is more for me than anyone else (sorry lmao) but sometimes i feel like i should just give up.... sometimes i dont feel black enough, not smart enough, not funny enough, not wise enough, not bold enough, not HUMAN enough.... just simply not enough...... but now im thinking.... maybe i am enough... maybe i just dont have enough time to appreciate me and BE enough... (confusing right?)... so tonight... in my hotel room... its me night... im gonna turn on my jaccuzzi... (yea i have one in my suite, sweet right? lol) pour myself a drink..... turn on some sports... play some jazz... and celebrate.....



jadelinaa said...

I think everyone has their moments when they feel unsure about themselves & their abilities.. well i dont think..i KNOW.. & its okay. because we're young and we have so much time left.. we're just all so busy and especially YOU because youre always @ work or at school.. But you're an amazing person, Najee.. Its true.. I just wish you could see it

NAjeeT said...

thanks jaders... love u sucka! lol

STOKED! said...

nobody can be najee
only najee can be najee
even tho najee is smelly and fuck yo jacuzzi!