Saturday, April 12, 2008

Please retire these!!!

Ive done this once before but this is just a list of words and phrases that im sick of and are just plain ignorant and need to retire...some of em i use but im cutting them out of my life now!! any you want to add just drop in the comments

no homo
axe instead of ask
fo sho and variations i.e. 2sho
what it do
youlll (wtf)
burnt (im not even sure if ppl still say that lol)
turnt/geeked up
wats hood (what??? who says that json? lol)

ummm there are a lot more ill add em as i think of them or are suggested... but please my good people i implore you stop using these dumbass words! lol


Anonymous said...

yes no home needs to be buried and never resurrect

meLlow/raNdomKiY! said...

hahaha uhhhhh BLAH !!!!!


jadelinaa said...

now..TIU.. if u say it seriously, you should just kill yoself! ahahahha.. but uhm JERKIN. kill that shiit now

Anonymous said...

na let us keep what it do plz

..but yea jerkin is dead

Bethany said...

Lol....and "burnt"...please stop with that!...ugh!

Aricka said...

ALL except TIU!!

js0n said...

people should stop saying:

turnt up
geeked up
what's hood?

...mhmh i know theres more i need to add.

js0n said...

lol man people say that shit, they think it makes them look hard and it really makes them look stupid, it's sad, real SAD.

NAjeeT said...

lmfao... if ppl say that its sad for black ppl everywhere... lol... whats hood with u... lmao

js0n said...

haha,its like they ask me " aye J, whats hood for tonight" i just sit and stare, and think about why i talk to people who say that.

Ashlie* said...

lmao me jade and aricka say that religiously, SIGH.

jadelinaa said...


Aricka said...


Gift said...

conversating. that is not a word people. its not even listed in the dictionary... i dare you to pick one up and see for yourself.

broked. thats not even a proper term, but i know people who use it regularly.. like why???!!!