Saturday, March 14, 2009

Terrible twos ha

lol.. never a dull moment when little kids are around i tell u.... im sitting down on the carousel trying to ichat with eevey but my stupid internet wont allow it... so then this little girl just comes up to me and starts playing with me... we were playing peek a boo and she would run every time i looked at her haha... maybe im just that scary... :-/ lol... but good times man... never a dull moment when kids are around... im just glad i dont have to take any home with me lol (whew)

its crazy to think i was once small like that... life is amazing... im gonna have fun watching my little brother grow up... hes two as well... this dude sits on the floor and plays with trucks for hours... who needs technology!!! lol

it was good to meet you alexia! 


erinPEPPER said...

omg i wanna pick her up and just eat her hahaha

Bethany said...


jadelinaa said...

she looks scary!

p[L]e[0]a[V]c[E] . said...

lmfao that her parrents like her play with youuuhahha